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A recent article by Fisman published in the CMAJ poses a serious threat to the unvaccinated - Please make your voice heard at the CMAJ to get them to retract this paper... we need numbers on this !!  

The below document is a letter to the CMAJ demanding a retraction of this disgraceful publication.

See the full article here

See the answer to this shameful garbage dressed as science from Dr. Trozzi

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Letter and sources

April 29, 2022

Dear CMAJ Editor

"Trust in public health is at an all-time low.." Dr. Makary, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

I ask that the CMAJ retract the April 25, 2022 paper by Fisman et al. As a medical journal that shapes Canadian health policy, the CMAJ has an obligation to uphold scientific integrity and public trust.  Fisman et al. (2022) Impact of population mixing between vaccinated and unvaccinated subpopulations on infectious disease dynamics: implications for SARS-CoV-2 transmission represents an abject failure of these obligations and questions the CMAJ’s editors/peer review process, as well as the integrity and scientific acumen of your organization.

The Fisman et al. paper is inflammatory and has a sinister undertone.  Among other serious concerns, the conclusions made by Fisman et al. (2022) overlook noteworthy factors around the realities of vaccine effectiveness and the percentage of the public with naturally acquired immunity. They also did not factor that current vaccines do not protect against disease or transmission, that ‘vaccinated’ people get infected and sick at least as much as, if not more than the ‘unvaccinated, or that vaccines are subject to significant wane in protection over time. The authors make illogical, outrageous comparisons and conclusions that are not science. Rather, it is flagrant propaganda that fuels fear, incites hatred/ contempt of the unvaccinated and support of authoritarian, forced vaccination and segregation policies.

It cannot be overlooked that David Fisman is a strong fan of chilling COVID-Zero strategies (think Shanghai at present) and has financial conflicts of interest with COVID vaccine manufacturers, teachers unions, WE Charity etc. that may seriously bias his findings.  His abrupt resignation from the controversial, self appointed  Ontario Science table, was likely due to public exposure of these conflicts of interests. David Fisman is also well known for past, exaggerated modelling that served to unduly scare the public.  It is troubling therefore, that the CMAJ saw fit to publish his work without robust and intense scrutiny.

I have provided links below to critical commentary from various sources expressing concern over the Fisman et al. paper. Since I am not a scientist,  I ask you to refer the arguments made in the first article by Dr. Byram Bridle,  and the second article by Dr. Jessica Rose to support my request to retract this both egregious and erroneous paper.  As such, please answer to the fatal flaws, and the major and minor issues that Dr. Bridle describes and comment on the concerning modelling errors noted by mathematician Dr. Jessica Rose

Thank you for your time. Due to the serious threat posed by this dangerous paper that is being boldly paraded across the press as the gospel truth, your prompt reply is warranted.



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  3. OCLA Statement on CMAJ Fisman et al. Article Claiming Disproportionate Infection Risk from Unvaccinated Population, and on Negligent Media Reporting
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