Level of Involvement -School Boards and Government of Ontario


There are three routes that you can take in supporting us:

1.      Join the action as a litigant.  We will require a contribution from you to help cover the expenses of the legal action.

2.      Donate to our fund to help us cover the costs of the legal action and associated costs (e.g., creating content to publicize our efforts).  This is critical as we will need a lot of funding particularly for legal action.  Please either donate using your credit card / PayPal at https://gogetfunding.com/ontario-childrens-schools-legal-defense-fund/ or send an e-transfer to legaldefencefund@takeactioncanada.ca.  If you wish to make a sizeable contribution with a cheque please email legaldefencefund@takeactioncanada.ca for more details. 



3.      Volunteer your skills and time to support the litigation efforts behind the scenes.

Of course, it is possible to select two (or even all three) of these routes, if you are so inclined.  Also note that all the funds raised will be held in trust and used strictly for the purposes of supporting the legal action and associated costs. 

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Class Action Schools Boards and Government of Ontario - Level of Involvement

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