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We all need emotional support, especially in a world of uncertainty, confusion, disconnection & division.  That is why we have created our latest initiative at Take Action Canada called Just Ask Brittney.

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This Weeks Meeting

In keeping with the changing times, Just Ask Brittney will be continuing with bi-weekly meetings, starting April 6, 2022 at 7:00 pm. I hope we continue the great discussion around support, problem-solving, and staying motivated (even in today's climate). We will continue to explore skills and activities that build us up instead of tear us down, such: managing stress, dealing with isolation, and how to prioritize when life brings you through a loop.

See you there, and talk soon!

Join in on Wednesday at 7 pm for a conversation on community building, peer support, and mental health education.

If you are struggling and want to learn more about tools, techniques, or emotional resources, then please send in your questions to me and during the next upcoming live call in Zoom. I will be happy to answer questions and provide emotional support.


I will have to let you in, so please be patient!

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Passcode: BSmithRSW

Different Forms Of Resiliency 

We have been having great calls with Just Ask Brittney and Michael Spadafora, where we are coming together as a group to share our struggles and come up with creative solutions. The last call we had about hopelessness took on a positive, solution-focused tone, and we will continue with this problem-solving!

Sometimes we need reminders that we have to take time to care for ourselves and build up our resiliency. This looks like many different forms: caring for physical health, taking time for mental health, gaining mastery in skills, or planning for hardships and challenges that may come. In the upcoming weeks, we hope to come together and problem-solve how we can gain strength and resiliency in a time when all seems to be trying to drag us down! Hold fast, and stay strong!

How To Have Difficult Conversations

In last week’s Just Ask Brittney, We shared with you how to have difficult conversations, where we discussed three tips on how to better prepare for those hard talks. Everyone can think of that one time they wished they had said things differently. We talked about the conversations you struggled with and what you can do better for the future ones. We talked about this in depth in the call. brittney@takeactioncanada.ca


WANT MORE FROM brittney? 

For Ontario residents, Brittney is able to offer services as a Register Social Worker, which may be covered by your personal insurance. Should you be in need of support, please contact Brittney at 249-387-1082 or by email at brittney.smith.rsw@posteo.net and provide a time you are available for an intake.

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