Clipped and Free to Fly!

What if forcing someone to get vaccinated actually took something fundamental from them? What if doing so was an infraction against each and every one of us? What if the ability to make one’s own medical decisions carried more weight than any other threat, including that which is posed by people making the wrong decisions? What if a love of freedom was the only thing that could unify every human being? What if the old idea of our ancestors’, that freedom requires sacrifice, was actually a law of nature?

If any one of these prove true, then medical choice is a sacred right that must be respected. Those that have defended this right, at the expense of their careers, are sacrificing much of who they are in order to attempt to uphold freedom for everyone. They are motivated by a deep love for humanity and from the desire to live in a free society. Could this possibly be selfish?

We are a group of more than 2,500 Canadian aviation professionals who stand with passengers to defend freedom. So please stand with us, as we stand with you. Join us in this fight, your support is essential.

Free to Fly

Free to Fly
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