Bonnie Henry

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry has been imposing mandates every day for over a year that have had devastating impacts on the lives of over 5 million people in BC, closing down sporting and physical exercise venues, arbitrarily restricting businesses, attacking the right to worship, masking children.  To date she has failed to give evidence that any of those mandates have had any health benefit at all that might justify the damage they have done. She herself has admitted for months that things are getting worse and yet even as other areas that are unmasking and with no lockdowns are doing much better, she is doubling down on the same policies that have failed for over a year

Although she was at the heart of the 2003 SARS outbreak, a member of the Infection Control Expert Group and on the Canadian Pandemic Coordinating Committee responding to pandemic H1N1 (2009) influenza, as well as a past chair of the National Infection Control Guidelines Steering Committee, she has never explained why, in this fake COVID “crisis”, accepted medical protocols she herself helped put in place have been violated, long established terms critical to medical diagnosis have been redefined and standard medical practices overturned in ways that have actually obstructed efficient management of this pandemic.

Facing people almost daily for a year she has contradicted herself again and again on masking policy, and in October she openly admitted to the 5 million people who have willingly entrusted their lives to her hands that “The bottom line is none of this is based on science.”

And now having failed to provide a trusting population with information, medicines and supplements that would protect and cure those infected with COVID, she is urging people not even at significant risk fro COVID to receive an unproven inoculation that offers no protection and which is more deadly than all vaccinations administered in over 20 years.

In any normal time her actions would raise questions about both her competence and her motives.  At the very least, Dr. Bonnie has proven herself inconsistent, incompetent and arguably criminally negligent in fulfilling her duty to safeguard the health of the people, and her fundamental oath as a doctor “to do no harm” It is time for her to be dismissed and held accountable for her actions.

If you would like to fill out a complaint against Dr Henry please fill out the form.

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