Legal Action – First Responders, Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency Services and Paramedics


Attention all Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency Services, Paramedics 

We have met with legal counsel to represent all 911 frontline workers in action against the municipalities/provincial Covid19 “recommended” public health policies. 

To move forward quickly we must have clear numbers. 

Please fill out the below fields no later than 

Tues October 26, 2021  12:00 hours (noon)

Once your information is received you will receive back the total group feedback and next steps. 


We are in this to hold the line to ensure our children and generations to follow will never face national tyranny again.


If you are from Alberta please click here


First Responder Legal Action Confirmation Page

Has a grievance been filed?
Are you prepared to provide your retainer, which depending on numbers can range between $1000-$1500 CND
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