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Canadian Covid Care Alliance

Our alliance of independent Canadian doctors, scientists and health care practitioners is committed to providing top-quality and balanced evidence-based information to the Canadian public about COVID-19 so that hospitalizations can be reduced, lives saved, and our country safely restored as quickly as possible.

The Unity Project

We are a group of concerned families, business leaders, and other professionals that recently joined together to launch The Unity Project to aid a unified movement against forced Covid-19 child vaccines, via unification efforts, resourcing, and the need to amplify the best strategies of the most effective groups already doing tremendous work in this space.

Global Covid Summit

Global Covid Summit is the product of an international alliance of doctors and scientists, committed to speaking truth to power about Covid pandemic research and treatment.

Thousands have died from Covid as a result of being denied life-saving early treatment. The Declaration is a battle cry from physicians who are daily fighting for the right to treat their patients, and the right of patients to receive those treatments - without fear of interference, retribution or censorship by government, pharmacies, pharmaceutical corporations, and big tech. We demand that these groups step aside and honor the sanctity and integrity of the patient-physician relationship, the fundamental maxim "First Do No Harm", and the freedom of patients and physicians to make informed medical decisions. Lives depend on it.

Resistence GB

Resistance GB is free press media, covering the resistance in London and wider Great Britain – news which the mainstream won’t show you.

Our journalism reports on Natural Rights, Civil Liberties, Police Abuses, Government Criminality, Legacy Media Deception and Civil & Cultural Resistance.

Our philosophy focuses on resisting erosion and abolition of British culture, our Constitution, our Common Law and more.

We offer footage from the front line, including video reports and livestreams; as well as podcasts, shows, interviews, commentary, analysis, written articles, investigative pieces and original insights. Latest Coronavirus Covid-19 News

Very current virus news that features developments world-wide and provides balanced coverage of both scientific and political news and information with an emphasis on daily statistical monitoring of infection rates. It also provides an extensive list of the many variants and their spread throughout the world.

Doctors and Scientists United To Save Humanity

Physicians, Scientists, and Community Activists Standing for Truth, Medical Freedom, and G-d Awareness. We promote early, lifesaving treatment for corona, and oppose the injection and the vaccine mandates. We stand for free speech, freedom of information, informed consent, and transparency.

Bright Lights News

Shining a light on the science and data of COVID-19.

Independent local media run by passionate volunteers.


Canada's New, FREE, Alternative Newspaper, Because Mainstream Media, Sucks!

Are you craving REAL NEWS & INFORMATION? You are not alone!

The Covid Blog

We are the official blog of COVID Legal USA. Truth about COVID vaccines and the severe adverse effects thereof are censored on mainstream and social media. We do our best to cover as many of these stories as possible in the most objective fashion possible. Vaccines are the leading cause of coincidences.

COVID Legal USA is a team of paralegals, legal writers and researchers helping Americans represent themselves in legal matters against oppressive, dangerous COVID mandates. We’ve helped several individuals avoid mandatory vaccines at work and keep their jobs in the process. Our team has also assisted pro se litigants in matters related to lockdowns and their small businesses.

The Vaccine Safety Research Foundation

The Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF) purports to present the most up-to-date and relevant information on COVID-19 policies free from corporate press, agenda-driven narratives and sponsorships with conflicts of interest.

It claims to encourage questions and an open dialogue of transparency on any medical and scientific information presented.

Unherd with Freddie Sayers, Youtube Channel

This channel posts many informative and objective interviews with experts and politicians who provide a counter-narrative to the prevailing COVID orthodoxy. Host Freddie Sayers allows for the expression of important and critical objections from health officials, experts and other involved persons. This is in keeping with the associated website,, that touts as its mission, "to push back against the herd mentality with new and bold thinking, and to provide a platform for otherwise unheard ideas, people and places."


Revolver is a useful news aggregator website that features many news articles of interest that generally counter the mainstream media narrative and tend to be of conservative orientation. Some linked stories may be inaccurate and all information should be independently corroborated and confirmed by alternate and original sources. Do your own research.

The Epoch Times

The Epoch Times is an independent media outlet which features mostly credible news and information. It has a conservative political bias and occaisionally posts factually erroneous features. It is a good source for the latest news regarding COVID and vaccinations. As with all media, all information should be independently corroborated and confirmed by alternate and original sources. Do your own research.

Zero Hedge

Zero Hedge is a credible source and is often relied upon to break significant and important news and information, with an emphasis on financial and libertarian political content, that often runs counter to the mainstream media narrative. It presents alternate viewpoints that are often accurate yet censored. It has occaisionally featured inaccurate or misleading information. As with all media, all information should be independently corroborated and confirmed by alternate and original sources. Do your own research.

The Brownstone Institute

The Brownstone Institute is a highly regarded and respected new source for COVID information by virtue of its esteemed panel of world epidemiology experts. Its writers include Harvard epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff, one of the authors of the Great Barringon Declaration which opposed mainstream COVID policies and mandates. Information posted here can be relied upon to be accurate.

Rebel News

At Rebel News, we tell the other side of the story.

We follow the facts wherever they may lead — even if that conflicts with the official narrative of the establishment.

Much Ado About Corona

John C. A. Manley has spent over a decade ghostwriting for medical doctors, as well as naturopaths, chiropractors and Ayurvedic physicians.

Lockdown Sceptics

Great site from the UK that outlines it all ...Well organized and full of good information.


OYE News

OYE News was founded in 2011 and its purpose, primarily, was to focus on events of past, present & future, and to give unbiased, unfiltered facts & views on just about any given subject.

THe Highwire

Del’s internet news show, The HighWire, is the fastest-growing program in the natural health arena with over 75 million views.

Children’s Health Defense

The Defender is Children’s Health Defense’s news and views website. It features content aligned with the organization’s mission to end childhood health epidemics.


Dr. Joseph Mercola is the founder of An osteopathic physician, best-selling author and recipient of multiple awards in the field of natural health, his primary vision is to change the modern health paradigm by providing people with a valuable resource to help them take control of their health.


For a unique perspective on everything Covid and Lockdown, see Dave Cullen's regular Video blog commentary.

Latest titles include:

  • The Two Tier Prison System
  • Gradualism and the Road to Totalitarianism
  • Rights, Freedoms and Medical Tyranny

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