Barbara Yaffe

What qualifies Barbara Yaffe, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer, to hold the “lives, health and well-being” of millions in her hands?

Look at what her hands have done. Her “measures” have launched an unprecedented and on-going crisis in public health and social well-being. Millions of serious illnesses have gone undiagnosed. Surgeries and critical treatments cancelled or postponed. Small businesses have been devastated with hundreds of thousands losing their livelihood. Suicides and deaths of despair have skyrocketed.

At the very least we expect a Public Health Officer to be knowledgeable, consistent, and guided by the science.  Yet our PHO? Dr. Yaffe admitted in public—on camera—that she doesn’t know what she is doing! “I just say whatever they write down for me, (Laughs) I don’t know why I bring all these papers,  I never look at them.”   Really? And we are paying her over $240,000 a year…for what!?

Perhaps that’s why she calls for unending lockdowns when global statistics, scientific studies, and the W.H.O. unequivocally show lockdowns over the past year have caused profound health and social damage—and offer no benefit at all. By her own comments it is clear that Dr Yaffe is following a fantasy world of computer models and “projections” instead opening her eyes to real world facts and documented evidence.

Under this PHO’s watch, Ontario’s doctors are silenced.  They are forbidden to talk of cures. Nothing justifies preventing sick people from receiving—even hearing about—effective cures and treatments. A policy that  permits such censorship of life-saving information is barbaric. So what exactly is Dr. Jaffe’s plan?  She wants give us more of what has obviously not worked since she started “managing” this disaster.

There can be no argument:  after over a year entrusting our health and well-being to her hands it is clear that Barbara Yaffe’s “measures” have failed us. Countless lives have been ruined and lost—unnecessarily—because of them.

Dr. Yaffe is Incompetent. It is time for her to be removed from her position. If you agree, let’s make it happen and fill out a complaint form today.

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